Australian native hibiscus and hibiscus like species

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Artistic Scans

by Gil Bujanda

Capturing the essence of a flower in a digital image poses some unique challenges. Not only must factors such as lighting and focus be taken into account, the texture and unique style of each individual bloom must also be caught. Gil Bujanda, through much trial and experimentation, has developed a unique method which portrays not only the beauty of each flower, but shows a true appreciation for the essence of his subjects.

On this page we show but a small sample of Gil's unique works. The images displayed herein are merely representative of the final products which can be purchased from Gil in a variety of printed sizes. Please note that these Artistic Scans are copyright 2002 Gil Bujanda and may not be reproduced without prior written permission.

If you would like more information on Artistic Scans or are interested in placing an order, place contact Gil Bujanda at

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